Somos SOMA Latinos

Somos SOMA Latinos seeks to connect Latino/Hispanic/Latinx families, and those who love the culture, in the South Orange and Maplewood area. We seek to promote our culture, advance issues important to our community, promote bilingualism and create an environment where children are exposed to and learn to appreciate Latino/Hispanic/Latinx heritage, history and traditions.

Cross Cultural Works

SOMA Cross-Cultural Works, a local non-profit behind last year’s inaugural Diwali Fest NJ and this year’s Lunar Fest NJ, two events that were a smashing success, has once again partnered with the Township of Maplewood to help host Maplewood’s first Hispanic Heritage celebration. 

Maplewood Township

Maplewood has proved to be one of the most welcoming and multicultural town’s in New Jersey. It’s hosts one of the largest Pride festivals in the state and has hosted events for many community groups. The Essex County town celebrates diversity and inclusion.